Eowyn Turns One


Well Folks, we've crossed the threshold. We kept our little E a live for a whole year and she kept us on our toes for those full 365 days. We got to celebrate with my mom, dad and sister's fam this weekend for Eowyns birthday, and we get to celebrate her TWO more times with our friends and with Ben's family in the upcoming weeks. You only turn one once.

Eowyn was pretty somber the entire day. Maybe she realized what a great milestone she was crossing, but more likely, she was just tired from the activities the day before, never the less she was a huge fan of the food, and the presents. And she had her first take on chocolate (If you don't count the chocolate chip cookie she managed to take a huge bite of a week prior without my knowing) and she loved it. We were surprised to see how much sugar affects her though-she gets a bit crabby both with the limiting of it and  in general, so we will be probably hold back from giving it to her often from now on. That being said, it was all that a birthday party should be. Ice cream cake, kids to play with and good food. 

You'll be seeing more pictures pop up as we celebrate some more-so get ready. These next few weeks the blog will be party city. And what a better way than to post her very first 'happy birthday' song. Plus my face looks sinister in the freeze frame, so there's a little something special for you guys. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Eowyn, we love your one year old self and thanks to the fam for making this day so special. 

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