Family Outing


We decided this week that it would be a good idea to get out and about and have a little picnic for dinner. We have never checked out a park nearby other than when there are festivals, like Irish Fest, so we made plans to hike over there. Once there, we busted out our little dinner, and ate while watching kickball and this crazy squirrel that Eowyn LOVED. After, we walked along the Mississippi and talked about life over these past 3 years. Who we are now is so different then who we were just 3 years ago. It was a fun little adventure and we thoroughly enjoyed spending time together and with our little girl.

If you ever thought eowyn seemed happy in all her pictures, the one below shows that she has reached the stage of fighting the camera(or fighting me holding her still)? We still will take pictures of her even if she looks crabby for the next year or so. I will also continue to squish her.

We're big fans of our city and if you live in the St Paul area, Harriet Island Park really is quality.

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