Minnehaha Falls With the 'Rents


We get the pleasure of getting to hang out with Ben's parents this week (and sister this weekend.) While they've lived in Minnesota, they never lived in the cities, so its been fun showing them the fun things to do around Minneapolis/St. Paul. Julie had made mention that she thought it would be fun to go to Minnehaha last time she was here, so this time we wanted to make sure we checked out the place. It was the PERFECT day and Eowyn was all squeals and joy despite the somewhat serious faces in these photos. There was a lot for that little girl to see. Which is why she is looking everywhere but the camera. Takin it all in. 

We have this picture above with Eowyn in ma belly. It was sweet to come back to where we were when I was just a few weeks shy of meeting our girl. I'm excited to put the two pictures next to each other. (If anyone's curious, that carrier is the beco gemini. And we've used that bad-boy since she was about a month old. I bought it off craigslist and have loved it. Ben does too.)

The flowers were in full bloom, making me pretty happy and giving me a few pretty new desktop wallpapers.  The waterfall was going pretty fast with all the rain we've seemed to have this July, which made the falls all that more the sight to take in.. We had fun snappin pictures, getting misted and walking around the place. Glad to have our family here to enjoy the beauty with.

After, we went to one of our fav pizza joints: Black Sheep. There's two locations one in St. Paul and one in Minneapolis. If you've never been, and are fans of Coal-Fired Pizza (and really, who isn't?) You'd love this place. Plus they're uber baby friendly.

We have on the agenda our FAVORITE breakfast joint, Midtown Global Market, MPLS Farmers Market & Izzy's  Ice Cream on the list of "must-show the 'rents." Any of my other Minnesota Twin City Natives have any recommendations? Let us know! 

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