Strawberry Picking


This past weekend my family hiked over to a strawberry farm near my parents house and went on the adventure of strawberry picking. Every year we make strawberry jam and this year my sister and mom thought of the great idea to include the boys in picking the strawberries for it. The boys loved it! It was a good time and a lot of good memories were made.

Eowyn was  out-of-it the whole time. She's like her dad in that after the temps get to over 80 degrees, she's not too huge a fan. But, she was a trooper, and Westyn slept right through most of it. We got tons of strawberries and my sister and mom made over 42 jars of jam. Ben got in from MN  after a week of not seeing him, so the ladies allowed me to spend time with him while they did all the hard work. Cheers to you two-the jam was the best batch yet.

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