Eowyn's first crawl forward, & other news


About 4 weeks ago I turned to Ben and commented that my child WILL crawl by her first birthday. Now to clarify, Eowyn has crawled in a circular rotation and backwards for several months, but never forward. Ben, as always gave a chill nonchalant "let-her-grow-at-her-timing" reminder and I was grateful for it. He was right. Its actually a blessing she's not shredding through the house and I kind of just forgot about it.

and then, a week and half before her birthday she did this:

HUZZAH! That little girls got an impressive army crawl. By the time I've posted this today (5 days after learning) she's figuring out the magic that is legs and learning how to use those to propel her. She's actually getting pretty speedy. This has been fun, and dangerous. This morning for instance, she went so fast and flew herself off our bed. No. Bueno. Luckily she was just a startled girl and there were no bumps or bruises.

So, I got a forward crawler.

In other news...
....I get the fun of staying with my parents this week. With the ever-impending move, we decided it would be fun to go ahead and plan for me and E to come and stay and hang out with my rents this summer. Eowyn's especially loving it. She thinks my mom is HILARIOUS. And small-town culture has been good to us. 

...My parents watched E so Ben and I could go to a movie a few nights ago. We watched Despicable me 2 in 3D. So good. and I LOVE the laugh Ben gets when he finds something silly-funny. Which is pretty much any scene with a minion in it. Driving home, we got ice cream and parked our car out  in the middle of nowhere and watched a neighbors fireworks. It was  pretty perfect. 3 years of marriage and I like that man more than the our wedding day.

...Ben and I recorded an anniversary video of us that I want to keep making for the next 50 years so we can see how we change. Its the most awkward video  ever (well...ben is cool, I look ridiculous.)  I may or may not post it here. Haven't decided yet, but it is one of my treasures. 

...Theres a hummingbird couple that visit my parents house every day and I love catching them and my dog riley and E are like, best friends ever. she's figuring out how to sneak him food. And she cries if he leaves the room. 

Happy Monday. Hope your week is wonderful.

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