Across the Pond :: Katie's Visit Part II


When talking about what the highlights we wanted to show Katie, both Ben and I agreed that a trip across the water was in order. 

Tallinn, Estonia offers a medieval old-town that Helsinki lacks. We wanted Katie to get to see the ancient Europe that so many (including myself) picture when thinking of flying over to Europe. So, that's just what we did.

It's fortunate that we live just a few steps (literally) from the port. We woke up early on Saturday and went on a cruise ship over to Tallinn. We decided to check out the sundeck in transit and we got whip our hair back and forth. Ha. Elias isn't a fan.

Perfect weather, croissants, touring the open air market, walking through classic churches, and sipping our lattes at a cafe were some of my favorite highlights.While drinking at our favorite little place called caffeine, I couldn't help but feel my heart surge in big praises to the big guy. You know those little heaven moments? Sitting there, in a beautiful day, laughing with such a dear friend, holding a baby I wasn't sure I'd ever have (all while in europe!) it was a culmination of so many dreams. It was such a sweet moment.

Praise God for his kindness.

So sweet to get to experience Tallinn for the first time in Summer. Extra special because of the company!

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