Stockholm Sweden :: Katie's Visit Part III


When a soul friend comes into town and half-joking, half-serious asks if you want to hit up Sweden, you go ahead and make that half-serious a full-serious and buy the tickets.

We had never traveled on a plane (with babies) together. There were a lot of firsts for us on this trip. But I gotta say, it was sweet. If ever there was a friend to journey solo with two kids to a different country with, it's Katie.

These pictures are half hers, half mine. We tag teamed, as we often do, when it comes to capturing our moments. She would entertain Eowyn while I fed Elias, and I would hold down the fort when an occasional cute shop beckoned her name. We make a good team. We found an empty alleyway that looked so European, we had to go down and it was a blast taking pictures. Some of my favorites from the trip happened in that empty alleyway. 

Some other highlights: eating the 'chocolate balls' ("What are these made of?" "Uh, Chocolate." "Oh, What are they called?" "Uh, chocolate balls.") getting to talk to a sweet french couple over lunch, all the Italians swooning over my 'bambinos,' the funny glances we got as we hustled along with our babies in tow (I look pretty impressive with my baby carrier and stroller, no?) and the laid-back company of my sweet soul friend.

Sweden will always be the place Katie and I discovered together. In the barely there rain. With our rain boots. And babies. 

Funny thing is, the weather turned out perfect just like we prayed it would. God's kind like that.

Love you, Katie. So, so glad you spent so many days with me. Going through pictures is like reliving the trip all over again. It makes my soul so happy. 

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