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Not too long ago (at least that's what I keep telling myself,) our dear friend Katie took our first set of family pictures. Having her in town, I didn't want to let her get on a return flight home without having another go at it. We went to a local park, on one of the last days she was here with us to capture a bit of our family in this season. Eowyn wasn't too keen on any pictures, and yet Katie did her magic. We got a few sweet family  photos of all of us, a few of just the two of us (so special to me!) and some really sweet ones just with Elias. Being a second born, we know how rare it is to have pictures of just us with our parents. so while Eowyn was running around trying to snatch up bumblebees, we took advantage of those moments to have a few photos taken with our littlest baby.

Thank you Katie.

If you live in Minneapolis, check this girl out. So fun to work with.

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