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Just a few weeks ago, I got the sweet pleasure of exploring Stockholm with my friend Katie. It was exciting to get to jump on a plane and go again with Ben just a few weeks later.  At first I was a little worried it would feel redundant to me. My worrying was unfounded. This city. Stockholm is just so beautiful.

On Friday we flew in leisurely, and after figuring out public transportation and finding our hotel, we ventured out to Gamla Stan. We went down several streets I had yet to see, and we found an incredible burger place.  With full bellies we adventured a bit more, then headed back to our hotel.

Come  Saturday, we ventured out to Djurg√•rden to visit the Vasa Museum and Skansen. Vasa was incredible. Eowyn was pretty pumped to see such a big boat. Ben kept cracking Tim the Toolman Taylor jokes. (The Vasa sank in 1628 during its maiden voyage due to the king, wanting it to be the best warship the world had ever seen, overloading the boat with, amongst other things, some 64 bronze canons.) The boat has been nearly entirely persevered. The Vasa is the only boat from the 1600's still intact. It's incredible. 

After the Vasa Museum, we headed out to a sweet cafe  called Helin Voltaire. Delicious treats, and coffee were had and Eowyn joined digging around in the dirt and rocks (as per usual.)

We then headed to our favorite part of the weekend, the Skansen Open-air museum and zoo. We got to stand next to lemurs, watch the fish, Eowyn petted a snake! (This is a big deal, she's been scared of them up until this point. The night after we heard her tell her stuffed animal unicorn "I touch snake, I scared no more!"  We had a blast. We got to see bears playing around, it really was an awesome day for the animals. 

After, we headed out to this great taco joint called La Neta. We used the "like a Local" app, and found this treasure. 


On Sunday, we ventured out quick for some coffee and treats. We got caught up in the midst of an international triathlon while we searched for the coffee. It was quite the re-routing but great to see all the amazing athletes.  Then we made our way to the airport. We got to check out the t-bana (Stockholm's metro) and prided ourselves on making our way back without too much help. 

We loved Stockholm and its sweet cafes, awesome museums, and beautiful green spaces. 

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