Hey Ho Helsinki! :: Katie's Visit Part I


There are a many good things in life. Having one of the most beautiful souls ever arrive in your country on the day of your birth is probably up there in the 'best things ever' category. 

 Two weeks ago I got the sweet pleasure of getting to spend several days with my dear friend, Katie. It's fun when you get two photographers together because you're guaranteed to have a wealth of good quality pictures. Now that she left yesterday ( and Ben is away for church things) I'm getting to relive the past several days again. Here are a few of the photos. The vast majority (I'd say 98%) of these are Katie's photos that I just hijacked as soon as we got home. I instagrammed, she shot with her real camera. We're a good team.

Her time here in Helsinki was a sweet mix of showing her all the touristy spots, and just living life together. As you'll see shortly, our kids were BIG fans of their aunt Katie. I've been thanking God for such a sweet soul friend in my life.

Katie, you're treasured beyond words. 



So thankful for the past two weeks. In the upcoming weeks, I'll be posting our trip to Tallinn, Stockholm and some sweet family pictures she was kind enough to take for us (MAJOR perk of being besties with a great photographer.) Be on the lookout!

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