Elias Bites :: First Foods


With the first kid, we steamed, pureed, and with great anticipation fed the first solids with appropriate 3 day spacing between introducing anything new. With the second, we went all in. Six months came, we bought some applesauce and have since introduced pretty much everything he's pulled his face to (except coffee, coke (although he's obsessed with the red cans) and red peppers. At one point I noticed his shirt was rather dirty and when I asked Ben what he had eaten he replied "oh, a ginger cookie."

Oh, okay. cool.

Elias got his first teeth some 6 months prior to Eowyn, so I suppose the whole eating like a man comes a few years faster too.

Bacon has already been consumed, in case you were wondering.

Luckily, the only time he ever made any kind of face of disapproval was when we gave him the specific baby foods. He'll eat avocado like a champ, is a big fan of cooked carrots, mashed potatoes, thin slices of toast, and more.

In fact, he screams at us if he sees us eating and not sharing. ha! Sweet boy, you're a whole different ball game than your sister. I have no doubt there will be many a sneaking of snacks between his sister and him (she's already slipped him a nibble of chocolate.)

Yay for growing up! Even if it looks entirely different the first time we drove through this season.

Elias, it's been fun journeying through these milestones with you.

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