Craft On.


Fall is always my favorite time of year. I can switch into drinking my warm chai tea. all my favorite clothes come out of their boxes and the fall colors change. I figured, since its dumping snow as I speak, that I better get to posting about all the fall projects before it gets too late. So,  Here are a few projects that I've made in the past couple of weeks!

First, I found this wreath  and posted it in my 'crafty' pinterest board a while back, but It took me quite a while to actually make it. We needed something above our bed and I thought this would be perfect. I was super pleased with how it turned out and am in love with making paper flowers. So easy and so pretty! I really dig it.

What you need:
Old Book Pages (you'll have to cut them)
Hot Glue Gun.
One tutorial can be found here:

To fill up some more spaces, (our kitchen has an entire empty wall.) I was envisioning something cutesy and when I went to Ikea, thought I might be able to makeshift something I saw there. I've already gotten a few compliments and for it costing near to nothing I was pretty pleased with this little project. i think we're going to display our Christmas cards here too!

Katie and I hosted a fun craft day this Friday. I was so excited to use the felt, and yarn I had saved up since last winter and had bought this 'S' at Joann's with a gift card for my birthday (the cardboard letters are cheap, under 10 dollars). I love it!  I was pleased with how it turned out.  
What you need:
Cardboard Letter
Book Rosettes
Hot Glue
Lastly, I had seen these at craft fairs but had never made them myself, but at the craft day, I saw one of my girls making a rendition of this. I remembered and started making them They're great for brooches, and hair clips. i got a little excited and made a few more when i got home!
What you need:
Flower Pattern
Hot Glue
Pin for pinning.
Tutorial (not exactly the same one, but general idea) can be found here
So, overall these past few months have been pretty fun. I love love LOVED getting together with the girls  during our 'craft day' and am so excited to do it again. I'm now starting all my knitting crafts as we welcome winter in. Have you all made any thing neat lately?

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  1. I love seeing your craft projects. I've been knitting away the last month or so for Christmas gifts for my kidos. I have lots of time to do, what to do with the left-over yarn? Ah...those cute letters you did! Thanks for ideas!