Scrawny Leaves


I get about a bajillion things to tell you guys every weekend. And then, come monday, there are left a few sweet gems that, when I have time I get to share with you.

Surprisingly these past few weeks have not been like this. I have a few fun posts of our lives to share (as soon as I gather all my SD cards and upload them) but overall its been quiet. And I've actually quite enjoyed it. I think this little blog is slowly (very very slowly) morphing into what God has for it (yes, i think  God has a plan for everything, even a blog.) and so its been exciting to just see what happens.

Today, I got to go on a walk through my neighborhood. For those of you that know me, you know that I inevitably turn every major thing in my life into an analogy.  I have all sorts of analogies for Systematic Theologies, how I'm feeling, what my relationship with so and so  is like and so forth .

This post is no different.

One thought that has particularily been stuck on my mind as of late was one I was reminded of this morning while walking. I think a lot about what God does and how awesome His plans are. When I say 'think' I more mean "am reminded." I have such big dreams, that the idea that someone could have even bigger ones (or better!) for me seems so crazy-and yet, when I think of it for even a second, its laughable that I actually think the GOD of the universe wouldn't have as cool of a plan as I do. Foolish Brittany strikes again.

And I was reminded of that today.

I was watching all the leaves blowing and I noticed that most of them were along the sides of the roads. They were in heaps, and were much to my delight as I crunched through them. But then I noticed, a few smaller leaves running down the road. There were maybe 5 or 6 at a time , yet on every road, there were always just a few.

I noticed the ones stuck on the sides of the streets were often HUGE leaves and, since they obviously weigh more, moved much less with the winds prompting. The little ones, typically already in a sort of curled up position would always move, even if for a second they got caught in heap of the others, and go wizzing down the street.

And then, I felt God asking "which are you?"

Which to be honest, still has me thinking.

Am I someone who has naturallly positioned myself to be in the Holy Spirits leading, so that with minimal prompting I'll move into action? Or have I gotten so bogged down by my own desires, my own plan, own ideas, own stuff, that I need a wind storm to move me to do His will?

Have I become so accostumed to being comfortable with this life and with the way I see things, that I'm unwilling to be moved wherever the Lord wills, especially when that means unfamiliar territory, or a path that wasn't in my '5 year plan,' or even today's to-do list?

I imagine being on a tree, and then falling. The ones that end up a few feet, maybe even a down the road from the tree may have made quite some strides. But those that are down a few miles-man what an adventure that would be!

I know for certain that no one who has ever turned their life over to Christ has said "it was a waste." But I do know that so many people who have not, who have spent their lives chasing after their own desires, look back and realize that there was never anything that lasted. It was all meaningless.

And yet, while I know this to be true in theory, I struggle daily to actually apply this to EVERY area of my life. There are several things that you could ask me about right now that I struggle thinking "If God didn't do it the way I think he should-I don't know if I'd actually think His plan is better." I'm so ready to follow him-as long as he does what I think is best. And then, when he doesn't, I start actually questioning if he is Good, or if He really knows what He's doing.

I want to be that little scrawny leaf that is moving even faster than I was walking. I want people to see that its not by my awesome power or might, but by the Almighty God who is moving me, that awesome things come to fruition. I want to do all that I can to get rid of the crap that weighs me down, keeping me from that. 

I think that God is slowly making me smaller (showing me his plan is so much better than mine), and shaping me to be more in a position to move according to His will with each passing day, and I am so excited, actually a wee bit giddy at just how far we'll go. I'm becoming more and more convinced that his plan-even if that means accomplishing NOTHING that I had planned, or having the things I hope for most dearly never come to fruition, that the plan He has for me is abundantly more fulfilling and joy filled. Because he is God, i am not and He is good and works for good ALWAYS.

Just something I've been thinking about.

Which are you? Is there anything keeping you from being willing to move in His direction?

Over and Out,

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