Thanksgiving, Feast, and Sword-Fighting


If you know me, you know my family is the gem of my life. Holiday season is always my favorite. First, because I get to see everyone I cherish most dearly, but also because I laugh till sweet tears of joy come. There is always a request from someone to stop being funny because the person requesting such request might pee. Yes, that's how awesome my family is. And no, we don't stop.

This year we did the whole midnight shopping. Let me tell you, my mom is quite the character after 'she turns into a pumpkin' (Cinderella reference I grew up with.) We got pizza from Papa Johns right before they closed and we ate in our car and laughed and looked up terms on urban dictionary (because my mom knows a lot of 70's slang) Tell you what. Pastor's wives are the best kind of funny. Extra classy with a little spunk. That's my momma and sister. . 
Funny. Goodness are they funny. 

We played outside thanksgiving day. This included sword fighting, Knightley chasing Ayden with said sword, and a few more duels. It was fun. 

Look at Aydens Face, Ha. 

Then we had a feast. And we took two separate pictures and one of the people is photo-shopped in (so we could have a whole family picture) 12 points and 2 fist pumps if you can guess who, 

And my absolute favorite:

I gush. 

and then for some reason I stopped taking pictures. 
Probably because life was just pretty awesome this weekend and I forgot my camera inside. 

I hope your long weekend was restful, and you found a handful and ten more reasons to be thankful. 
I sure did. 

Over and out

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