Road Trip Awesome: Indianapolis, Indiana


It's been a wee bit quiet around this blog these past few weeks. Mostly because once October hits, every week is jam-packed with awesome adventures. With birthdays, the Holidays, and with the beauty of fall, I've found that I spend most of my time in celebration mode. Good news is, there's a wee bit of a lull and I find myself giddy with excitement to show you all that's been going on! 

The most recent awesome event was the impromptu roadtrip I got to go with my special friend. I fell in love with this girls personality from the day I met her ( I actually told Ben, I found someone that gets me, We have the same humor and everything!) and it was such an honor when she asked me to go on a awesome road trip to see her brother in good ol Indiana for the national marching band competition!

I knew nothing of this phenomenon, and let me tell you, its quite magical. I was very impressed and loved getting to watch the parents tear up when their children did spectacular performances. I teared up a little myself, not gonna lie.

I laughed and got a good workout from the hilarity of Miss Shannon. And I do say, if you ever want to roadtrip with someone-she's your gal. On the way back we made an improptu stop in Chicago too. I have found a kindred spirit in her love for spontaneity when it comes to travel. I think I might have cried a little from that realization too.

First I give you: Indianapolis, Indiana


While we were driving there, we had the weirdest experience where the music we were listening to was completely insync with the wind mills.  It was magic.

And then, for the sheer joy of it, we decided to go ahead and stop in Chicago:


The next picture is inappropriate...but hilarious.

Oh, Marilyn..... 

 I now have some incredibly awesome memories that still make me giggle. Ladies and gents, She's a phenomenon. 

Thanks Shannon for letting me go along!

P.S. Shannon, really. I love you.

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