Things that I think about that probably shouldn't take as much time as they do...


* In a post apocalyptic world void of all technology and mass food distrubituion-if Ben or I would be the hunter. And what Ben would look like with a very large beard.

* If our future babies will come out looking like aliens or monkeys (one of the two inevitable outcomes)

* Random projects that would be awesome if I could just stick to them. I.e. Taking a photobooth photo every day for a year with ben, diying all the projects i have on my pinterest, etc.

* How Ben and I would meet if we didn't meet the way we met. And how quickly we would get married. What awesome line would he use to win me over. etc.

* Comic book hero scenarios-They're invading my life.

* If we were comic book heroes, how awkward adolescense would be with our super mutant children.

* What I would be like if i was disciplined enough to stick to the things I write in my new years resolutions.

*How genius mechanisms are ie. Microwave, can opener, this computer, Ben's Brains etc.

*How incredibly good-looking Ben is

*How hilarious his comments are....

*How great he looks studying that Systematic Theology book (what I should be doing-but instead I'm taking way too much time writing this blog and staring at him..stud.)

*How crazy our style is going to look to our children's children.

*How many people I care about-and what the cloud graph would look like if I graphed it out.

* My funeral plans-I seriously think about this too much-not in a morbid way but in a " I hope they talk about funny stuff and everyone thats there comes to Jesus" Sort of way.

*How many books I would have written if i didn't think so much about this stuff.

*Other stuff.

This took longer than it ought to write this post.

Happy Sunday! Praise Jesus!

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