Ben's Birthday Extravaganza!


Now, While most of you know its been nearly a month since Ben's birthday, i still needed to document the occasion. I know that someday when I look back on this little blog, documenting this occasions will be of utmost significance. So pretend this is a few days after his birthday, and be excited for how fun it was!!!

Here is his birthday. Hour By Hour:

Thought I was genius to put a candle in his french toast...till I realized that the french toast melts candles.Needless to say, Ben had to cut a hole in his french toast, since it got turned blue.

  Ben unwrapped all presents, to discover many exciting things including the thing that kept him busy for the next 3 hours:

 Then, we decided to grab lunch and go to a movie! We went to one of our favorite places: 

and ofcourse we went to the comic book store. Then we got ready for his party.
And hung up the awesome birthday banner Momma Sprague bought him. 
 And made all sorts of delicious food. And Had French Silk Pie for Birthday Cake.

 Then we played board games and enjoyed our friends. Later, we brought out our french silk pie!
And towards the end of the night, Ben's Wildest dreams came true, we officially used all the instruments for rock band. Not gonna lie, it was epic beyond proportions.  

Then we watched funny youtube videos and everybody went to their homes. Ben approves

I asked him if he wanted to say anything regarding his birthday, and he responded" My wife is the best birthday planner ever."

He's slaying dragons right now...quite literally.

Hope your weeks are going wonderfully as we celebrate this snow! Thanks for reading!

Over and out

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