Something about an entire day just to be thankful.

My family went around the table and shared one thing we were thankful for. My favorite was when Ayden says: "Westyn's favorite thing is aaaaaahhhhhaaa." Mimicking Westyn making noises. Witty boy.
I love my family so much. There's something about being with my women. Being with my family. Hearing Babies laughing and Ben goofing off with the babies. 
Eating all the good food, and spending time with my momma. The day itself is just magical.

Here's a few things I'm always thankful for:
*The way my belly hurts more from laughing than eating
*The fact that my whole family loves Jesus
* Ben, and his love. Today he kept jokingly clinking glasses (like in our wedding) while we were cleaning up and stealing kisses. :)  He's such a good man. 
*Where we're at in life. We're such a blessed family. 
*Warm clothes. Cuz they're cozy.
* Family-Cuz they're magical

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

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