Eight :: Fifty Two


She's kinda the coolest kid we know.

We like this age the best so far. I like having a little companion to come with me on errands and her emotions that she displays regularly are not so much as to leave me feeling out of control. Some days, admittedly I want to just go hide in our closet. Most days a good cuddle and quality time is all she needs (all I need, really.)

She's hilarious: blinking long at us while she drinks water, sending us Morse code signals, being silly in the silences, dancing. The 19 month old Eowyn is a communicator at all times. She's picking up words like crazy and we're learning how to have our days run pretty smoothly. She's a one nap champ. 

She gives toddlerhood a good name.

She's reaching the point where she drops everything, stands up and does some sort of variation of this 'smile' face as soon as I bring out my camera. Right now it's kind of hilarious, but authentic moments are becoming harder and harder to come by. She loves this camera near as much as I love taking pictures of her.
As her awareness increases, my obnoxiousness at getting her to laugh must decrease.

Stealth mode engage.

If you noticed my skipping of 6 & 7 of the 52 project, I'm doing so because I posted about a gazillion pictures of her the last two weeks.  

Happy Friday!

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