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Many of the readers of this blog get updated via facebook. I posted a little notice on my personal page last week, but did so in a roundabout way that ended up leaving a few confused. (I shared a link via the NEW celebrating daily page rather than actually sharing the page itself, and many of you were able to go to the link, but struggled to find the page.) Just in case a few of you hadn't checked your feed that day (to which I tip my hat to you), or 'liked' the picture link thinking that was sufficient and have since noticed no updates- I figured I'd be thorough and also make mention of it here.

Announcement! If you do in fact choose to follow along via facebook, you'll notice a decrease in posts on my personal page because we started a separate Celebrating Daily page!

We did this for three reasons:

1. To make it easier for readers who aren't my FB friend to still be able to 'like' the page and get updates.
2. For those who have no interest in our blog, you no longer have to be spammed every time I post a new blog post. (you're welcome.)
3. To get to know our readers better. It has been fun to actually see which friends of ours are following along rather than just seeing you as a number based on page views.

So, if you dear reader would like to follow along, and choose facebook as your preferred means to do so, be sure to 'like' Celebrating Daily. Here's the link. 

Hope your weekend was filled with love. We had quite the weekend ourselves. More on that soon! (and a beautiful couple will soon be posted!)

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