Five of Fifty Two :: Twinsies


I. We like to bring out our card table out to play board games when Eowyn goes to bed at night. This weekend we decided to keep it up since we planned on getting through a few rounds of our favorite board game. Eowyn kept crawling under it and it turned into a pretty stellar fort with a couple of blankets. This fort then proceeded to give us 30 minutes of quality peekaboo action. She makes life pretty incredible.

II. TWINSIES! I work hard not to buy matching outfits (cuz you know, *eye roll*). But when I got ready this past week and saw that she too had an identical shirt, it just sort of happened. It may accidently happen again. She also has inherited my chipmunk cheeks. Seriously, our faces are the same shapes.

III. This last picture sums up the very great personality of our girl these days. Her wants have definitely  collided with her limitations. This has resulted in the much expected, but less anticipated screams at: Target, the library, every room of our home, Costco, the carseat and the occasional random local eatery.

The funniest moment lately (a not too unfortunate tale) was when Ben told her to 'scowl,' this weekend. You've all seen it, we're proud of her face movements. She then proceeded to outdo all other scowls and DEATH STARE every soul in potbellies for a good 20 seconds. The seemingly insecure woman  (perhaps she was confident before getting glared at) walking to the bathroom walked back to her seat via the farthest route from our table. When I commented to Ben that we should probably limit the angry faces of E in public places (they don't know that clapping makes her start smiling), he seemed to differ. Apparently it gives him enjoyment to strike terror into passers byers. I think he's more confident in his parenting than I am. I just keep thinking 'they'll think I raised a little scoundrel.' When I read this post to him he commented. "If a woman is insecure from a scowl from a baby, then.....COME ON." Heartless, I tell you.

On a serious note, despite the testiness and the millions of ways I seem to cause her distress these days, she really is an easy kid. She gets frustrated-sure-but we're in favor of letting her feel frustration as it arises in life. She overall, for an 18 month old girl is pretty incredible with dealing with negative emotions. She's figuring it out, granted slowly (compared to my 24 years of practice.) This past week she often went from screeching her woes to singing in a matter of minutes. Talk about turnover.

Next week it'll be seconds. Right, experienced-moms? RIGHT?!?

Whenever I call my mom she laughs at me and reminds me of the child I was. This turns me into a lovey mess reflecting on how excellent of a child I have. She doesn't bite me, scar the faces of her friends with her nails(or in my case, my sister. Sorry Bre.), beat up other kids in the name of defeating the bullies, "pet" cats with her grabby hands(cats hate me.), or poop in the tub-yet.

We won't talk about how in kindergarden I explained  (I imagine, a very kid appropriate rendition of) the birds and the bees to my very sheltered private schoolmates. I'm sorry mom.

All this to say, I look at her face and legitimately think of what a blessing she is. She's funny, and a lover. I'm discovering from all the wisdom of seasoned mothers, that finding the gifts that your child offers is one of the keys to enjoying their company.

You're straight up funny.
You're a lover of people.
You have an emotional spectrum that impresses me.
You're an includer of little friends and anyone willing to join you
You love your books fiercely but surprisingly share your treasures.
You are ridiculously silly.
You're intuitive and an imitator.
You're as the turkish gyro guy says "a genius baby, very very smart."

You got a lot going for you. More than I even know about yet.

You're an obvious blessing from the Lord. I'm thankful for you.

That was a very long winded essay saying: Praise the Lord for toddlers. Particularly the one we got.

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