Seth & Evelyn :: Friendship Caught on Fire


I met Evelyn in Spanish class in '04, back when my front teeth were bigger than the rest of my face. We shared the same last name, and curly hair. Someone told us we looked like sisters and our real-life sisters had the same name (and would someday marry men with the same names as well), so we obviously had a destiny together.

The friendship that formed carried me through our high school years, during which I met one of Ev's best friends, Seth. He was cool, a musician playing at legit venues, and he was funny. She knows how to pick good  ones. Years passed, and through high school, college visits, and now marriage our friendship has ebbed & flowed.

It's been said before, but there is indeed a celebration to be had when seeing an old face after a long time still gives the feeling that time has been short. I'm learning what a rare find it is when this can happen. This past weekend that is precisely what occurred. I was reunited with my 'Evie' again, now married to that best friend.

Our husbands met, we got to joke about the budding of our marriages, and Eowyn got the meet one incredible couple while stuffing her face with her beloved Chipotle. Every body wins.

A sweet celebration of marriage had brought them to the cities, so it was a real honor when Ev made mention of being interested in some photos to celebrate. They are a breathtaking couple whom I dearly enjoyed being around. I was thrilled to get to be in their company and capture where they're at in this season.

Evelyn and Seth, thanks for the joy of your company. The fun that has historically ensued when I'm around you is something I'm pleased to see has yet to change. You both are a riot. Your encouraging dispositions are a pure delight to both be around and capture. Evelyn you're beautiful. Your soul is a beauty to behold and it's such a joy to see how with age, you get more radiant externally and internally. Seth it's a joy to see how incredible of a man of God you are. You've brought out a special beauty in your bride and it's so cool to get to witness that. I couldn't have hoped for a better pairing for my dear friend. God is faithful. As Evelyn once exclaimed in excitement when announcing your relationship, you truly are "friendship caught on fire."

You two are quite the adventure. Thanks for a sensational day.

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