Ten Things :: February


1. On Monday, Eowyn knocked her face on our coffee table and lost her front tooth to it (like the entire tooth-root and all.) Her other front tooth was pushed back. It was a nightmare. We all cried. Praise Jesus for google. We learned to put it into milk, and rushed to the emergency dentist. After a lot of screams and a lot of blood, they put it back in hoping the time was short enough to reconnect ligaments. Later, after talking to a pediatric dentist we got the lo-down on what all to do. It was sheer miracle that everything else other than the re-implanting didn't work(they tried to do a stint, and then to like...basically do a giant filling across her 4 teeth to keep it in place.), God's providence was in play.  48 hours later and it hasn't budged. Which is very, very good news. The first accident under our belt, we have our conclusions: It's really hard to not become a helicopter parent after your kid smashes their face.

2. THIS WEATHER! Two days of happy weather have left the Sprague ladies giddy. All these pictures are from today when we did loops around our complex to avoid the giant puddles every where else. Still, this sun. This warmth. So happy. Also, every time I take any sort of 'where you belong' test I get good ol North Carolina. Time for a move, Ben Sprague.

3. Trader Joe flowers forever. Seriously, those things last for ever.

4. At first when I got word that Adobe was switching to a prescription service for their Creative Suite I was not pleased, until I looked into it and saw how awesome it is. For all my hobbyist photographer friends, this might be a really good option for those waiting to take the plunge on photoshop and lightroom, but haven't due to affordability. I'm a recent lightroom convert and am actually pretty pleased with the prescription service for a slew of reasons. It's a nice option for those of us who are unable to shell out our kids beginning college fund every time a new upgrade comes out and it gives you access to the most upgraded version for a few coffees a month.

5. Mom Question #1: Hey moms with kids older than mine, once your kid is introduced to the magic that is juice, how do you get them to be cool with water again? This sounds trivial, because it is-but, I want to keep my kid hydrated without her teeth falling out of her face (due to decay....since we already got the trauma covered.) Question #2 What is your experience with your kids and t.v. show watching? We rarely watch the tube to begin with, but Eowyn is starting to like it mucho and specifically ask for shows. (Tinga tinga anyone?) Curious what other parents limits / insights are. Email me/comment if you have any takes on it. I will treasure your pro tips.

6. Eowyn's learned that snow is fun to play in. This has added extra minutes getting to and from the car. Seeing her get giddy over the snow is worth it though.

7. Our marriage is in a really good season. Other things are struggling. But our marriage is pretty solid right now. Thankful for that.

8. That fake smile on Eowyns face? Its kind of hilarious. She's blossoming into her own self more and more and we both are both stunned and in awe of how cool she's turning out to be. It's been a fun thing to see her grow into her skin.

I comment to Ben on the regular that I have no idea what I'm doing. That being said, it has been a major blessing to have other good moms as guides. Despite acknowledging the steep learning curve, we feel pretty confident with parenting our girl. For that I'm thankful. I'm learning to pick my battles, but not to pick them based on my tiredness. It's too easy, I'm finding, to just let her win because she's wearing down my will. So it's been smart to choose what are the non-negotiables ahead of time and stick to those through the end of the day and slowly grow that list. (a couple examples: she can't hit when she's frustrated, nor can she kick when we're changing her and she's not allowed to throw food, three things she's been struggling through lately.) Toddler hood is a special kind of refining.

I hear with boys its a mile a minute. Well, with girls its a million emotions a second. I appreciate the mothers who have had both. When I ask them what they think about the 'who's harder debate' they always share with me the same thing. "They're just different types of hard." I appreciate the honesty and the freedom it gives me to parent well (and not feed the lie that I have it harder than anyone else.)  I'm learning to turn to the one who knows what speaks to my girls heart and who can handle all the emotions we bring to the table. I'm thankful for this parenting season.

9.  Tomorrows Thursday! Next Day is Friday!

10. I'm really blessed by you all. I recently read this post by Jessi over at Naptime diaries about knowing vs. being known. My heart has soared each time this blog goes through some sort of growth because, upon reflection, it grows through the people I know.  I'm thankful that this place is still a place of meaningful numbers; That I don't feel 'known' but rather have a shared knowing. I've had moments when the focus of those I don't know turn to me and I often times discover I bend under the pressure of assumed expectations. The faceless masses are quite simply not my thing. The internet can be a very scary place. So, I'm thankful that you all have a face (good looking ones at that) and for most of you, I could very well squeeze it by this months end. Thanks for sitting by me at mom group, asking me out for a coffee, skyping or just sending those texts and instagram shout outs. I like that the internet can amplify community.

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