Last Night & This Morning


 Last night we said goodbye to that awesome two day streak of warm weather, and welcomed the February blizzard. There was a point last night when it wasn't too windy, so my girl and I hopped on outside and enjoyed walking in the snow as it got dark. There's a certain stillness that snow brings; literally nothing else can be compared to it. It's one of my favorite noises, the special silence of snow fall. While I'm a summer girl, listening to the crunch, crunch, crunch of my little girls feet as she and I walked our abandoned snowy streets filled my heart in a special way.

This morning, the snow was higher and more shiny, so I bundled our girl up and hiked out. Ben left for work on his own so we had extra time to kill before nap time and pictures were to be had. The wind howled a bit more, so Eowyn wasn't nearly as much of a fan, and it was much more slippery, but what was lost in today's harsh conditions it made up for in beauty.

One perk of always being on the lookout for a phot-op is the way it compels us to get out more. I used to fight this, until Ben showed me an xkcd comic that poked fun at those who dislike others always taking pictures of things. I appreciate the freedom the comic, as sassy as it is,  has given me in this area. I especially treasure the sentence: "trying to take a picture of a thing makes me pay more attention to it. Some of my best adventures are built around trying to photograph something." Yes.

And while we're talking about this, can I say how awesome Ben is? It's something special when someone supports a hobby. But the way he gets passionate about supporting it (like sending this comic to me saying "you'd get this," taking us out on adventures just to take photos, helping me save my pennies for classes, or lenses or what have you... ) gives me warm fuzzies. Ben, you're an incredible friend.

Once we had our fun outside, as true Minnesotans do, we came in warmed up and snuggled down by hiding in our tent reading books.

Happy Friday. Hope your weekend is warm and fuzzy. Also, snow ice cream anybody? I've seen several of my friends post about it. We may be making some ourselves.

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