11 monhts of awesome union



I wrote you a poem.

You are my hopes realized, my greatest dreams come true,
it is the greatest reality i have ever tasted, that life will be with you.

Oh! to go away with you, to destination unknown,
Wherever your sweet breath breaths, that is now my home,

The sunshine rises to see your face, and sets to give you sleep,
but just as surely as it will rise again, so my love you'll keep.

an answered prayer and so much more, you're the great awakening
my heart has breathed in the sweetness of you, and it will forever sing.

Let my days be countless, the years slowly stroll,
oh give me more  hours that i may know you more.

your laugh, your eyes, your heart your taste- i know it all so well
in your grasps my heart will be, with you and for you i dwell

Happy 11 months. You're the best 'yes' i ever said.

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