I got our whole life planned....


Life Plan:

2011 This summer: get our home  in a fun shape where Ben and I  really dig it. try out skirt/dress making, random diy craftiness. Offer to take a few photo shoots with friends. maybe fam. free.
Fall-Winter-Spring LDI: Really get to know that Jesus..you know the one I'm living my whole life for and spend time with people who love Jesus like I do. Grow in that.
2012 Summer-Move to far distant lands with awesome husband on awesome adventures into the unknown.
2013 Fall-Winter-Spring-Provided LDI/Jesus hasn't put a change on career path-Push towards School Counseling. Have some babies. Offer to take pictures of people for cheap. Just to fund  my clothing fund.  (i.e 50 bucks and I'll give you a cd full of you looking awesome.)  No weddings. Leave to those other people that require lots o cash. Just fun stuff, of those people crazy in love or having babies. Or  mostly just because.
2014 Fall-Winter-Spring-Keep doing it.  Graduate. Get a jorb.
2015- Keep working job, and growing babies, and taking pictures. Ben teaches math, I advise those sweet youngin's
2020-- Probably start a band.
2021- Probably recruit our growing army of children to be part of the band. Become the Jackson 5, but with pasty white skin. All wearing sweaters I sewed them. Mine will have jewels spelling "domestic goddess." Ben will not wear a sweater. He refuses. Ben wears band t's.
2021.5 Children see dad without sweater, and refuse sweaters forever more. Brittany gets into new hobby.
2022.  Spraguelet fam become a world renowned band of awesome that will be known throughout the world. We will tell them our secrets: rock band. And then there will be a family trend to start bands.
2023. Ben and I get our own t.v. show for our awesomeness. We will then Run the American/European/Asian bandstand of 20's . And travel the world. and tell people what it takes to make amazing music and have a kickin family. But we will always have family dinners and fun family game nights.
2030. Retire. yeah, that's right. In our 40's
2031 Return to Ireland and Ben will write awesome novels and I will write marriage books on how to have an awesome marriage. And people will read them. Then we'll send our kids to college and the legacy will continue.
2040. Ben and I will be declared the Christian fashion icons of the 40's. Band Tee's and pretty dresses will be all the rage.
2041. Oldest Spraguelet finds cure for most major diseases
2043 Youngest Spraguelet works with African countries to help them feed all their children and build thriving nations. All Probono.
2043. We become Grandparents!
2053 -So much awesome It cannot be written.
2060-2070 Live the rest of our live in a perpetual state of awesome
TBD-Finally go the party and hang out with Jesus.

P.S. Ben looked over and declared "Awesome."
Which basically means "Done."

P.S.S. Future Spraguelets, if by chance you ever read this. Know that while the whole saving the world would be cool, This is the real thing we want most: That you would Serve the Lord with all your Heart, Soul, Strength and Mind. If you do that we'd be prouder than any words in the dictionary can describe. In fact our proudness will be known as the proudest moment ever in all history.
Over and Out.