Happy 2 whole years of heart-thumpin love, love


Today marks the day that my deliciously handsome husband asked this little woman to be his girl. Who would have thought the crazy boy i met freshman year of college would end up being the one who holds my heart!

Oh how precious are my memories with that man.

This picture was taken the day we talked about the 'potential' of dating :) I remember I wanted to go to the art gallery and no one else wanted to go, so you went with me. We walked around and talked, afterward we went to the pier and you asked me if i could ever picture us dating. That conversation, just how you approached it and everything showed me what an awesome man you are. I'm so glad we started dating.

during our first month of dating i remember we were sitting in the car and decided to take some pictures. When i came back into my dorm room and looked at them, i was so surprised. I kept thinking. Look at my face! I think i had a sneaking suspicion that this man would most definitely be my husband. I felt so inlove (oh i still do....)

 That summer i stayed with my dear friend Aubrey. My mom got sick and i needed to come home during sonshine. You drove all the way from the cities to come, pay to get in (to see the relient K concert) and drive me back. I loved you for that.

Relient K

In august we got engaged. And tried to take some engagement pictures. Here was our first set. it was super dark out when we started taking pictures and they all turned out grainy...but you let me do them all the same.

We went to see your parents that Christmas. And i felt at home.

Then spring came, and I wanted to take pictures again. And this time you had all sorts of ideas. I think this was the first time i realized that you and i make a really good team. you gave me the courage to start taking pictures even with people staring at us. You make me feel brave.

and then we planned and fell deeper in love and planned some more. 
and then we got married.
 Our Dating and engagement were lovely. Our wedding, honeymoon and adventures ever since have been even more beautiful.

Here is the story in words, rather than pictures.

Mr. Ben, being married to you has been the greatest adventure of my life. I'm so excited to get to spend the next 50 summers, winters, falls and springs by your side. Come what may you're my forever love.

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