beards, adventures and pizza...


Here are the 'search words' used to find our blog:

adventures of husband and wife

"total babe"

benandbrittany com

husband and wife adventures

images of beards

little caesars mascot

pictures of beards

the civil wars band married

" peed our"

"mary tyler moore"
I'm pretty sure 'peed our' is the best search of the century. I sincerely hope our blog was not what he or she was looking for. But if it was...that means we must be pretty hilarious. Whats funny is its been used not once but twice to find our blog.

I'm glad to see adventures, beards, pizza, is what our blog is known for.

That's basically what our life is about..

Ben will most definitely use this information as a reason not to shave.
P.s. Thank you to our 6 friends that helped us move,You showed us that real friends aren't just the ones that hang out with you when its giggles and sunshine, but  also when you have HUGE furniture and a million boxes to carry. And a special shout out to Miss Annie, who told me she was excited because it gave her a good workout. You make this word a sunshiney place your optimism and genius wit.

Really guys and gals, thanks.

And to satisfy your cravings for pictures i have included not one, but two random pictures of the city we live in. the summers here are just marvelous, marvelous i tell you.

Over and out.

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