Acting like those moms from the nineties


So...when I was a kid, I remember the phenominon of thought bubbles popping up on all sorts of pictures across the nation. I remember lookng at pictures and thinking it was ridiculous for them to put those silly bubbles on their pictures...Especially since 10 years from now, what they thought was funny is going to be dorky....

Flash forward a few years and you find me doing this:

Do I hang my head in shame? No. I go out and find all those crazy moms and highfive them in honor of their awesomeness. I'm sorry for rolling my eyes. I was so naive. Ha, i bet half of you are still rolling your eyes. Soon, soon my child.

I got all these special beauties from here.
If you have photoshop, you may want to check her website out. She has a lot of sweet tutorials for the newbie, like myself. 

And now onto other matters:
Dont recongize this shirt or these pants? thats cuz i kind of added them. I had a freebie for the pants (only picked 29 things), and that striped shirt I traded out for a jacket. Because I read in the 'official rules' that jackets are for keeping warm, unless you want to use them as an accessory. since i didn't i got to trade. And I traded it for this beauty.

These pictures were probably the funniest of them all. Not sure why but we couldn't stop laughing. Good times. its probably the freedom of vacation getting to us.

Well. Hope you all are enjoying the weather and dancing around taking pictures too.

If you are. Comment and leave a link to your fantastic pictures and we'll celebrate your awesomeness.

Over and out

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