I would be getting married today..


If today was last year,

I would be saying this for the first time:
And you would say this to me, through a sweet smile and a couple tears:
And We would be binding our lives together.

I asked you today if you would do it all over again, you said "yes" right away. While i know that's the 'right answer' when you asked me back, i paused.-I don't like answering unless I have a lot of reasons why. I started telling you a few, but then it filled me with all sorts of other reasons... So, here's a very small snapshots of the reasons why marrying you was the best thing I have ever done.

1. When I prayed about it, I knew God was blessing this. Just like you said. And I never felt so much peace.

2. With all/any other available prospects/ life choices, none of them matched with what I knew I hoped for and dreamed. In fact, even looking at where things/people are today-it confirms my suspicions that you were the best choice. You fulfilled everything I hoped and dreamed.  While that wouldn't have changed my mind if it were different. It feels good to know that the person you are, and the place we are is where I hoped and dreamed I would be and who I hoped and dreamed I'd be with. 

3. I have never laughed so fully and so frequently as I do when I'm with you.

4. You see me in the best way possible. And that makes me feel like a million bucks. Whats great is i know its not flattery-but its real. And i know that I am yours and your desire is for me.

5. I look at pictures of us, and we look radiant. We look so full of love and life. And while it doesn't surprise me, it makes me so incredibly moved.  Just walking around our little home reminds me that you and I have something that is stronger and so real. Its what I dreamed I'd have as a little girl. A man who was kind and funny and all those things-but strong enough to face my most fearful moments, and to look at my imperfections and my requests and treat me with dignity. 
I admire you.

6. I always wanted laugh lines. And in 1 year of being with you-they're already starting. I'm only 21. that's quite the accomplishment.

7. You make my accomplishments even the little ones feel like triumphant feets. You congratulate me and make me feel like I have and can do anything. And that you're proud of me. That makes me feel swell
8. You as a person-are what I hoped for. Musical, chill, not 'trendy,' real. Genuine. More focused on what God thinks than what people think. Funny. Motivated. Honest. Genius.  Willing to let other people shine brighter than you shine. Which just makes you shine all the brighter. You're magnificent, heroic. And I get your last name.

9. I can feel God's pleasure in this marriage. even after conflict. You lead us in a way that I know Christ has called us to. You vowed that to me a year ago. And you have lead us well.

10. You don't make promises you cant keep. Even when I want you to. But you make some of the most beautiful promises I ever hoped for. And then you make them happen. you've made me trust in a deeper way then I've ever known. And that's made me trust Christ even more.

11. You've let me straight to the most important.

12. You laugh. And are quick to forgive. And are quick to celebrate.

13. You hold your tongue and allow people the benefit of the doubt. you're a lot better a this than your sassy wife. Yet, you still listen when I'm angry and you don't make me apologize for my feelings, no matter if they're not based in logic. That's a powerful thing.

14. You are quick to congratulate others success. And are more than willing to let others know that you think highly of them.

15. You've always had this incredible confidence. Its not arrogant, or flirty, or anything obnoxious. Its calm and strong and is....something that I love so much about you.

16. You on the beach-only time I've ever caught my breath at a mans beauty. you're beautiful (in a very manly way.)

17. I jokingly ask you how long you think we'll be married. You always say 70 or higher. And you always qualify it with 'unless we die sooner'

18. You have affirmed to me time and time again that nothing on this earth will separate us. No loss, no tragedy, no betrayal. While you admit it would be an incredible struggle. There's something so strong and steadfast about your love, all I can do is move towards that and to you. 

19. Youre one of the few men I know who, early on in their marriage have made their wife-not their career, not their other pursuits but their wife, priority. And not in that indirect 'I'm doing this for you' sort of way. But in the 'if you need me to change something so this relationship is better' way. I respect you for that.

20. People used to tell me in college that if I don't do it now "I'll never have a chance again." You threw that out the window the minute i met you. there is no expiration date on our adventure. And you are determined to do all those things together. I know its not going to be me 'taking you along' either, you'll be right there with me-experiencing it with as much passion and fervor. You're the best companion I've ever had.

21. You're the best friend I've ever had
22. You make delicious cheeseburgers.

To 70+ more years

Over and Out

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