God's bigger than my fancy words, and pretty newsletters.


I've got a real heart for summer. Born in July in the heat of California, raised in good ol Texas. Summer is music to my soul.

I finished up my LDI support letter and brochure to send out to several of our dear friends and family in the next coming weeks.. It's an anxious feeling sending out letters, especially when asking for a response of prayer and money. Its a vunerable, humbling  position to be in. I was praying about it today. And i felt the lord asking me some things...

How much joy do you get from getting to be a part of others relationships with Christ, don't you think others do as well? Why would you deprive someone of getting to share in my outpouring?

 Ben and I LOVE getting to send people on missions trips and supporting campus and international ministries. Why? Because by golly when we get to heaven we're pumped to meet those people saved because of those trips. We get to be a part of God's work. And, that is flippin awesome.

I think something that has given me alot of peace is the fact that God is really the provider here. Its not the recipients of the letters. God will use them, but he has other ways and other means to show up and provide. The point is this: God is the provider and he's in control. Those letters are  letting other people share in the glory that He's doing.

I really think he's going to be doing a whole lot of glorious things this next year. I think i'll be coming out on the other side a very inlove little woman. Inlove with my God and his awesomeness. In love with the husband who is doing this ministry along side me, inlove with my station in life-knowing that this is exactly where i'm supposed to be. I'm especially pumped to be a part of other people falling in love with the Jesus we serve and knowing that the work Ben and I get to be a part of has the angels singing..

So, thats that. I love Jesus, and he's got my back.

Over and Out.

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