On Vacation.


Hey all,

as you read this Ben and I are officially on blissful vacation celebrating, not 6 months, not 9 months but one WHOLE YEAR of marriage. We took an entire week to celebrate (and we decided we would continue this tradition till we retire, then the whole dang thing is a celebration!) Its crazy to think that in just 2 days last year I would have been committing my whole life to honoring and cherishing this handsome man. I'm a lucky woman. I honestly can say I've never met a kinder, more heroic man. He's loved me in ways that have both opened my heart in ways I've never felt and he's moved me to tears with his love.. I get this swell in my chest every time I think about it. He chose me. He waited. And 2 years later, he made me his for life. 

I am my beloveds, and his desire is for me.

and now for the oh-so glorious outfit
i bought this comfy beauty for a mere 6 dollars. It was an XXL and I had to take it in a bit (its still a little loose, but in a good way. I made sure it wasn't a moo-moo. Like I actually asked Ben and he said "no-it doesnt have flowers on it...but you probably should take it in." So that's what I did.
And i love it.
And here's an other thing a love...even more than a cheap dress:
He's even my desktop background. now thats love.

Side story:
Ben and I are both incredibly pale. Even in he summer time. In fact Ben made the comment "uh, Brittany-i blend in to the wall" and it was true he did. So i should let you know these photos are color edited. At least the ones that you can actually see us-'cuz otherwise we really would be blending. My vote is go and visit those parents of Ben's. they got it right in moving down to the eternal sunshine state.

In other AWESOME news, I spent a whole 14 dollars and got the following from rummage sales today:
1 $7coffee table
2 pairs of jeans (I actually ought 4, but 2 of them were too short (ha-its a miracle)
5 shirts
2 sweaters
2 sweatshirts
and one little elephant figure (I collect them)
Pretty sure I'm forgetting something. but every piece of clothing I bought was 50 cents. And i was in.heaven. 

So, we're going to be laying a bit low the next couple of days, but we are plannin' on keeping up with the outfits (maybe) and doing an awesome photo shoot, and doing an even more awesome recap of our vaca. Perty excited folks. perty excited.

Until then.

Over and Out

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