A Letter, Every Thursday, So you know how I feel.


Dear Husband,

I'm pretty sure I could write you everyday. Maybe I should start. I read in a book once that this guy wrote his wife every Thursday. So, Here's the very first 'official' Thursday letter. To you. My Love.

Last night you let me play rockband with you, we cheated because you let me be the footpetal and i used my hands. We still haven't gotten the stars- but tonight, tonight we will be conquerors. I'm pretty sure we should become real rock stars. We have a garage now....

You asking me as i fell asleep last night "Wanna get lunch tomorrow?" gave me all sorts of lunch dreams. the most delicious kind. Particularily Chipotle.When i told you this, and i told you i wanted Chipotle, you offered to spend all your fun money to take me out to eat.  You're the best boyfriend ever.

Swiming in the pool showing all those teeny boppers how to rock it married style=the best part of my life. you made me one happy camper.  Thanks for letting me dance like a ballerina and for pretending to be my figure skating mate. If we were on ice, they would have thrown roses rather than those awkward glances. Pound it.

And Last but certainly not least, thanks for making dinner last night. It was delicious. And for eating my blueberry muffin pie since those guys took all our muffin pans with the old oven. Thanks for telling me " I actually like it better this way."

I love you to the moon matey, you're the best friend I've ever had,

megabyte hug and kilobyte kiss,

P.s. For bible study tonight the opening question is "When did you know that he/she was the one?"
I knew in that starbucks when you were helping me study for astronomy. We were talking about potential relationship stuff and i asked you  what you expected from me, and you told me "to trust me." I was expecting a list of todo's you gave me one thing, and that was to have faith in you. I went to the bathroom, and told jesus "i know I'm gonna marry him." Thanks for being the one and for surprising me always.


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