hey sunshine, 2 for one deal!


Well after two evenings of minor mayhem (running around all over Minneapolis to attend to family, friends, you name it) we will now give you not one, but TWO of our dashing outfit posts. Be impressed.
And this is ben in the rain: 
Because the first set of pictures we took were in the rain, and I was sad because I looked very well rained on and told him the pictures were lame- so he took a bunch more, but alas I did not take any of him (clearly he is way more awesome than me. as is proof by the next picture:)

and now for today's incredible adventures...
today we did the following:
went to the bank
went to the comic book store and saw some of our awesome friends! (not the people at the comic book store, our real friends...from bible study, even though the comic book guys are our friends too)
went to another comic book store to find the comics that the 1st one didn't have
went to chinese grub (which made me happy)
went to the pet store (where a puppy stole our hearts, but luckily did not steal our wallets)
went to the store to buy presents (for who you may ask? Secret)
went to the grocery store for more random stuff
came home
took pictures.
playing on computer in bed and ben is reading comic books.
Yeah, its a glamorous life.
Here's what we wore on said adventures:

So now you know what we did AND what we looked like 
 Go get um tiger
This has been a random post. Probably because TOMORROW IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK and i'm too excited to write in a logical way. My apologies for this and my high fives for that. Hope your adventures are just as fun (i hope puppies were involved too,) and your laughter filled the car as you drove in the sunshine. Because i know ours definitely did.

Over and out

P.S. if anyone has a cheap puppy for us. I want it. Thanks.

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