Well hey there hancock...




Definately one of the perks of always attempting to be crafty is the extra pieces of fabric that turn into scarves. No mind if its shredding a little. I got 4 plus compliments on the thing. Thanks Hancock Fabrics, you're swell.
Pretty sure Ben and I are having alittle bit too much fun with this. It started pouring raining this afternoon and Ben looks to me and says "oh no! we have to take your picture!" Insert handy dandy back porch. It was dry and while the rain kept a-roaring Ben kept a clicking. 
My husband is awesome.
Ben is wearing a swtichfoot T bought at the concert, and khaki shorts (i think different ones)-from kohls. I'm wearing pretty much all kohls brand minus the shoes, which i bought at 17. because my mom told me I was officially a woman, so i could wear stilletos (cuz only real women can wear them). Thanks mom, you show me how to be a lady.

And to end this lovely post:
To the man who makes me laugh so hard I cry-you rock my world.

over and out

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