Day 7-that special day for dads


Since its dad's day, I figured I'd go ahead and let Ben be the first you see. No, he's not a dad yet, but someday Lord willing he will be. Even as i type some crazy people are celebrating their awesome dad (well, at least it sounds like they are) out by the pool and by the sounds of it, that dad is awesome. If the noise of a group is based on the awesomeness of their dad, then i should apologize now to our future neighbors, because Ben is going to be a gazillion times more awesome and thus, we will be a very noisy bunch. 

In other news, Ben rocked at Bass and the sermon spoke to my heart in a deep way. It seems everytime we go to Hope/talk with friends/you name it I become more and more excited for LDI. Ben and i can just FEEL it. God's going to be and is doing some awesome things for Ben and i.
And now for my little outfit post. Ben's momma got me this shirt as a "if you could buy something you wouldn't normally buy, but you love it, what would it be." This was the shirt. And it fits the bill, wouldn't have normally bought this beauty, but i love it. And that is also why it made it to my 30 for 30. 
I feel like for some reason writing about outfits makes this blog a tad superficial. after 7 days of posting about clothes, i feel the urge to bare my soul just to prove that this bloggy blog is deep....but in reality, this blog while it is for deep stuff, is also for normal stuff like clothes, and being thankful for the clothes you have. And that's what this whole 30 for 30 thing is about. Its saying "no, i do have enough things-actually I have more than enough. Rather than going out and buying something I dont need, I'm going to spend 30 days realizing and appreciating just how much I have been blessed." I'd say that's a little deep, or at least a little bit less 'undeep' then just posting pictures of our outfits.

Speaking of deep, I've been finding some really great Christian gal-blogs lately. while I've found them exciting and refreshing, in that same breath I've begun to question what my generation thinks of holy? As in 'set apart.' I feel like we've traded it in by making Christianity very run of the mill, you-can-do-this-and-you-don't-even-have-to-be-able-to-tell sort of thing. I hope that when reading our blog, people are never 'surprised' to find out we believe in Christ and Christ alone. And that we don't want this halfsy cutesy version of Jesus thats alla bout the Americanized version of love and not about anything else. a "come-as-you-are-and-stay-as-you-are-and-live-however-you-want-and-I'm-just-a-great-get-out-of-jail free- Jesus."  Even as I write that I realize i'm guilty as the masses to sometimes think jesus is just that. good for salvation but dont dare ask me to be something more, or to find the 'abundant life,' my life is just fine thank-you-very-much. But he didn't come just to save us, he did that yes AND he came to give us life abundantly. To dare us to trust in him fully and to walk away from the things that are killing us, and live a life of joy and peace and deliverance.  He loves me enough to not let me stay where I am to challenge me to be set a part and to experience the awesomeness of becoming like him.

I'm thankful for that.

over and out.

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