Happy 1st Burfday little digital baby blog!


Well, folks, its been a whole year since this pretty blog began.To celebrate the awesomeness that 1 year of blogging brings, I thought I'd write a post on a very important topic:

If this blog was a baby, this is the birthing story. Only no akward video tape or pictures...although i did contemplate wrapping up my laptop in swaddling clothes and looking at it lovingly. Me telling you about it is enough of a mental picture(Ben totally could look like Joseph.) Let us Begin:

The Before, Before
Once upon a time I was a little girl and I found a blog known as A beautiful mess. I was in love.  Lo and behold, i found a gazillion other blogs that were just as magical. I started collecting all sorts of links of crafts,  printables, the freebies, and the crafty DIY's. When I first started my blog, that's what i had in mind.

After about...oh a week, i realized that alot of these fantastic women really had that craft thing down, and that painting thing and that fashion thing, and all these other things really well done. So...I decided that maybe i would just keep being a follower instead and the blog I had started died with like...5 posts.. Flash forward about 8 months....

A Blog is Born!
 I found myself hanging out with this really hunky guy (you now, the one with a really fun sense of humor and incredible good looks, oh and the sweet rockband skills) and all of a sudden I wanted to write about him  in a journal. Since it seemed a bit to personal to write down all my pretty thoughts of this man (that would be saved for a nice yellow prayer journal) i decided to list our adventures  on here instead.  That way i could chronicle all the exciting things that he was showing me and remember them forever and ever and maybe, if someone else was getting married they could read this and realize some good stuff about marriage, and even more good stuff about Jesus.. Then, when i talked about it to hunky-husband-man, he said he thought that would be pretty cool. So i started. Here's our first post.

My mom, and Ben's Mom got word and gave it a lot of praise, told me they digged it and i felt pretty warm and fuzzy inside. So i went ahead and kept it going.  Since then, we've found a few friends along the way (hey trusty readers) and our favorites are when people tell us they really loved such and such post or that they read our blog sometimes (oh gosh!) It makes us feel very connected. Which is a good feeling.

The Best Part:
So now, I'd like to answer why I blog. The simple answer is: I get a kick out of it. Its pretty rockin! If you've considered opening up a little spot on the internet of your own, I definitely encourage you to! and heres why:

1. It gives a place to celebrate and share it with people I love. Blogging has definately allowed me to share some of the fun stuff in my life. Obviously we don't put all the grimy stuff on there (which we definately have our share of that) but instead, this little blog works as a place to celebrate and reminder of just how awesome God is and how awesome this marraige is. For us, this blog is one happy little celebration, mixed with a some real thoughts and a lot of praise.

2) I get to meet new people. This is pretty cool. I have had some pretty awesome emails come my way letting me know that they've found our corner, and they dig it. Then they let me share with them by following or by showing me their little blog. All of a sudden i feel like we're friends. And that's a good feeling. If you read this little blog, Tell me by leaving a comment or following! it warms my heart, (like, i literally celebrate every person i meet) and if you have a blog too show me! I will especially celebrate and definately will check it out!

2) I get to know you better. There have been a few pretty girls that i have gotten to know better partly because of this blog, some from my church, some were friend-of-a-friend. And for that reason alone its worth it! Then there's the internet pals that give a shout out and leave a link. All of a sudden i feel like we're friends. And that's a good feeling.
As cool as this couple? Close.

3) It makes me feel cool. Having a place to share the joys of being a christian, and enjoying this life is a very cool feeling. Having affirmation about my writing is pretty validating too. While my validation doesn't come from this blog (Jesus and my husband get to do that, lucky boys...) It does make a girl feel special to have someone else think your funny, sweet, or some other special quality and it feels especially good just to share in the good stuff thats happening. 


4) Its a digitial scrapbook of awesome-Haha. Just looking at these past pictures makes my heart happy! How cool is it gonna be 20 years down the road to go back to the first year of marriage? I might print all these blog posts and put them in a book, just to have them. I've blogged now for an entire year. And that was just days before Ben and I were bff's for life! How awesome is that. Yes. Pretty awesome.

Happy Birthday little blog your the best internet space I've ever had.

Over and Out

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