In one year of marriage I've learned....


* That laughing at midnight, sweet compliments in passing, and honesty are some of the most cherish-able things.

* That loving Ben means saying 'yes' more often than saying 'no' and putting his priorities and needs ahead of mine. 

* That this blog is a great way to show all the happy, great moments and its a place to cherish and feel good, but that we have heartache, we have tears, we have fights, and we have moments of anguish. And that's okay.

* to celebrate the fact that we have more blessings than heartaches, or at least we're getting better at counting our blessings, and seeing heartaches as blessings.

* That my identity can't be wrapped up in my husband, because it'll leave me feeling empty. Only an identity in Christ will make me filled. And then, when i let go of Ben being in charge of that-all of a sudden I overflow with confidence. He compliments me, not completes me. (but boy does he compliment!)

* the best way to be a great wife is to seek Christ for ways to bless Ben. No one knows Ben like his maker.

* That in marriage I will laugh harder than I ever have, feel more full than I ever dreamt and be happier than I ever dreamed. Its the best adventure I've ever been on.

* In marriage I will also feel more devastated then I've ever felt, get more angry than I thought I could, and find out how selfish I really am.

 * That being married to me isn't necessarily cupcakes and rainbows every day (surprise!). So, if conflict happens, its probably not just his fault (or even mostly his fault.)

* I'm his cheerleader, his confidant, and his one and only. that God lets me be apart of his story. I'm a lucky girl.

* not to complain. It doesn't work. It hurts the relationship, and it doesn't make either of us feel more loving towards one another.

*that 'emotional oneness' is the most rewarding thing to get to and the yet one of the hardest to move in. Being open, vulnerable and all that is scary even with someone you trust completely...but its required to be successful in marriage.

* That my marriage is not close to perfect. but it is great. and I have a husband who loves me, and I am a wife that respects him. We honor each other. 

* To say 'yes'

* God's in control.

* that 'marriage' is the most fulfilling, most amazing, best example of a relationship with Christ that I can comprehend. I think its genius that God uses marriage as an analogy for him and us, and i think its special how much joy he's crafted into it.

*to be thankful.

One whole year of marriage down. Just imagine how much I'll learn NEXT YEAR!

Over and out.

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