Thirty Pieces


As mentioned previously, I decided to join a few online blogers for kendieveryday's 30 for 30.
Here are my 30 for 30 items! Its kind of fun seeing them all laid out and I had quite the fun time planning out all the little outfits. Its amazing to me already just how little one needs .

grey striped cardigan-gap
black cardigan-target
red hoodie-target
red button up-thrifted
white t-kohls
black ruffle shirt-thrifted
brown cardigan-target
orange poppy t-thrifted
owl shirt-renegade craft fair
blue shiny shirt-gifted
black t-kohls

black frill skirt-thrifited
striped skirt-gap
salmon skirt-j.crew (thrifted)
green skirt (you dont see)-target
tan capris-thrifted
black capris-vera wang
jeans-mudd (kohls)
green dress-target
black/brown dress-thrifted
black dress-gifted



yellow shoes-thrifted (target brand)
black sandals-not sure
red shoes-TOMS
white sandals-target brand

This definately gave me some fun photoshop practice. Today was the first day so i'm wearing the first outfit.  I get to play softball tonight, so i'll be trying to get pictures prior to getting nice and grubby.  Kinda excited. cheers to fun new adventures.

P.S. If youre like "wow, thats cool" you should join.  Just saying. Ben even joked he wanted to.  If Ben's stamp of approval is on it, then its definitely the coolest thing to do. 

Over and Out

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