Holy smokes, that was one awesome weekend.


Talk about an awesome weekend. On Friday We got to see one of our close friends Lee, then I got to spend some time with this pretty face on Saturday.

THEN, We got to skype with Ben's mom and dad for a few hours. I feel so good after talking with them. They're such a supportive set of parents and its encouraging that I get them for in-laws. In fact, today our Pastor talked about how probably only about 10 percent of the church could say that that they saw a healthy example of parental love and affection. Ben and I both turned and looked over at each other with a smile. We're definitely part of that 10 percent. We're blessed. After skyping, we spend some quality time together. Then, we got to hang out with two new friends of ours for lunch after church today. Very sweet and very fun.

I'm excited for all that's going to be launching/happening the month. I'm starting a few new things in life (end of job, getting to officially set up our new home, spending a week with the rents come July) and some new things on this blog, some fun new regular posts, and I joined the 30 for 30 remix that kendieveryday is launching tomorrow. There's just about a gazillion women doing it, but Ben seems to be impressed that i can out of all my closet only select 30 things and wear those for 30 days. His oos and aahs at my ability make it all worth it. Tomorrow I'll show you what I've chosen, and the very first outfit post (courtesy of Ben's awesome photo taking skills). Sort of excited. You may be getting to witness a lot of pictures of me posing awkwardly the next 30 days. Get ready for that exciting adventure.

We officially booked our hotel for Chicago and for Stillwater. So excited to celebrate one year with this awesome man. We've also got a little photo shoot planned for sunrise (yes, crack o dawn Ben and Brittany frolicking in a field. The fact that he agreed to this is yet another reason why he is the best man to breath). My Hus-to-the-band is kind of  the most awesome person to exist. 

Oh. P.S. We decided (20 seconds ago) we're going to tour the U.S. to find some awesome set of comic books that Ben just discovered. Some couples discover bands, we discover literary excellence.  No bigs.

Over and Out.

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