So instead of narrowing it down I give you 12 pictures instead


Here's the celebratory "hoorah" for the awesomeness that is this shirt. I especially like shirts with a story-and this one has a story. This shirt was purchased at my first Renegade Craft fair in Chicago, on the first 'all girls ' outing with my sister and mom where I met Elsie Flannigan for the first time and got to be the designated driver ('cuz one lady was pregnant and the other didn't like to drive in cities) and actually got the compliment from my mom "you're pretty good at this" which made me officially feel like i could take on the world. After all, if you can drive in Chicago-you basically can be a superhero right?  

 Speaking of superheros. Take this guy. Stud by day, super hero by night. Pretty sure he has been extra kind to me with my hott new leg brace (guess you shouldn't run and play softball and do crazy jumps for balls in one day. My bad) and my potentially emotional state these past few days. He's even got this half grin thing going on, which is pretty trademark for superhero.

Just so you can see it for yourself: Here's my newest accessory:

Available at CVS pharmacy and Walgreens-in case you guys want to rock one too. They're all the rage, and they get you a lot of unwanted attention. But it will take your aches away, which makes it pretty worth it-except it gets a little sweaty. Just FYI.

Now on to day 10. That smile is actually the exact same smile as my sophomore picture. Like the same head tilt. Same hair do. Same side twist thing. Glad to know I still got it.

 I was determined to show you all the lushness that is the lake by our home. For some reason Ben and I got attached to this tree and kept standing really close to it. It probably will be appearing in several other posts. And it may even have a name soon.
 I like this one:
And now a lesson in marriage. If when taking pictures, you decide to  STEP A ) Smile next to each other, and STEP B) Kiss in picture ....

This will most surely result in the STEP C) Awesome hyper smile by husband:
Which you can then stare and and think to yourself how lucky of a woman you are. This probably will work in reverse too, if any men read this blog.
Now go practice.

Have a happy Thursday!
Over and out.

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