She's got a red tie in her hair...


Hey all you happy weekenders,
 Truth be told, there was a little switcharoo around here. I wore this today, but took the pictures yesterday, and yesterdays dress I wore yesterday-not today, but today i took the pictures. This switcharoo is also why the reason Ben is wearing a button up on what appears to be a saturday, but it was really friday as  that would NOT happen on a Saturday. We would be in an alternate reality if such an event happened. I knew that if I didn't clarify you go mad trying to figure out how the things you are about to see could be. So, now you can just chill and relax, Youre welcome.

 I don't care what day it is, this man is gorgeous.
 We got to see Ben's awesome sister today to celebrate her birthday :) We also got to watch green lantern, which is totally rad. I'll have to post a post on all the good stuff that happened these past 3 days with a few of the pictures I took with my phone. Tomorrows Father's Day! Make sure to call your paps and tell them they rock!

Over and Out

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