Sunshine, Taylor Swift, and the joy of having the coolest man on the planet as my husband.


So, we're back from a very sweet weekend. We had a sweet time celebrating my little nephew's 3rd birthday this weekend, as well as found a few fun finds from our garage sale (yes, i totally went through my mom and sister's stuff and bought a few things.) Of those things is an awesome picnic basket and a very retro lamp. I'll be sure to post pictures soon.

So after a sweet celebration, we're home. During our trip one of the bigger diamonds fell out of my wedding ring this weekend. Which resulted in me searching the whole yard trying to find it. To not avail. We luckily got insurance on it (PTL (Praise the Lord)) So, Advice to all of those getting married: BUY the insurance. I've used it already 3 + times.

Life is a very sweet thing. We listened to some Taylor Swift (yes, we're suckers for pop girl bands-not the crazy kind, but the cute kind, and by we I mean me) on the way home. I love the Premise of her album Speak Now-writing songs to people, words she wanted to say when the timing was right but didnt, so she's doing it now.  Ben and i talked about it. I'm pretty sure every person on this planet could fill an album with songs to different people saying the things they wish they would have said. I could probably have a good 13-20 song album.

So while lookin out on the pretty fields of wisconsin and minnesota, I decided in that car ride that while in my past, i have a few people i probably should have said a few words to, as far as my next 20-60 years of life I want to ensure that those words are spoken when they ought to be. I've already started practicing. This blog lets me even do some of that, but i'm especially liking telling people to their face the value, the worth, and all that special stuff that they are to me.. 

I was pretty amazed by Ben this weekend. I had some deep feelings to sort through, and that man after my 30 minute sshpeal, looked at me and pretty much explained to me in 3 sentences EXACTLY how i felt and then,  he gave the sweetest analogy about how to respond to all the stuff going on.

It was one of literally nothing left to say because I felt so understood. Its those kind of moments where all I can do is praise God for giving me such an incredible man. I really. Really. love that man.

oh, by the way- I have two very functioning cameras which i love love LOVE, and yet i only seem to use my camera app. Do not fear, in 2 weeks ben and I have the best photo shoot planned together for our one year (i day dream about it.)

Me=Happy with Air conditioning.
  Crank up that AC. cuz its 100 degrees here. I'm pretty sure Minnesota was a death trap before the heater and air conditioner. You die frozen in the winter, and if they didn't get you there, they'll get you now!   AC, we love you, you literally are keeping us alive (especially Ben, he talks about you every day.)

Over and Out

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