Hey Cupcake, lets get some cupcakes!



My Sweet Emily and I met to grab some cupcakes and talk just a few days ago. Emily, you rock. I am continually amazed at what a friend I have in  you.

I am so blessed to have Emily. I always wanted a friend that was with me since 'forever.' I had other friends who had grown up with their friends since they were wee babes and were inseperable. I longed for that. In college, I realized to my excitement, that Emily is mine.

We met in 6th grade...but we've been friends through highschool, college and through so much more. She's my longest friend and I treasure her for that alone.  Someone once was talking to me about faithfulness and the importance of just sticking with it. He talked about a tree in the appalacians that people will come to see from all over the world because its been there for 500 plus years. it was a very ordinary tree and yet simply because it had lasted so long it was held as something of importance. Emily is like that. While, she is by no means ordinary, she is in every sense faithful and thus has to me the utmost importance.. I am blessed that she chose to keep me as her friend and I love her for it. You mean more to me than I can express.

P.S. Another reason i like her? of all the cupcakes in that store, she picks the one titled 'Carol Brady" Such an odd duck.

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