I gotta tell you guys...


These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. After getting back from Texas we've been hit with sickness,  busy-ness (like every night) packing, exhaustion and thus we've been a little grouchy. To top of the plethora of a very rough two week period, I got a nice golden ticket, and by golden I mean expensive. My very first one from my very first encounter with a police officer.... (sad panda indeed) I cried and called ben and cried some more. I know. Rough.

We get to pack all weekend, and soon, just after one week it will all be over and we'll be moved into our nice new place. Since this week has royally sucked. I decided this would be an awesome time to write all the things that rock in our life (since, Philipians says to think about the true, noble, right, pure, lovely and admirable stuff) I figured I'd give it a go..

Things that rock about our life:
1. Ben and I, despite arguments, have always walked away knowing each other better and growing from it. conflict is inevitable. Its how you deal with it that matters. And Ben is awesome regarding all this.
2. We get to move to a very sweet place that meets all our hopes and dreams (walk through closet, washer and dryer, square kitchen (rather than just two walls of kitchen, a garage attached to the place (SWEET) and a separate area for an office/craft room. and for an affordable price!)
3. Ben takes me to hold puppies on a bi-weekly basis. We name them and talk about them all the way home. This makes me happy.
5. I only have 4 maybe 5 weeks left of work and then I'm free!
6. I have really good friends that I really love and that make my heart swell
7. God is real and answers some really hard questions in my life.
8. I've never felt God more active in my life than the past two weeks. Which is awesome
9. Ben and I have been going on walks, which are my favorite part of my days
10. We started saving for Italy. and this makes me happy. Even if our current savings is less than 10 dollars. It still is 10 dollars towards the dream.
11.We're on the upswing of the whole health sucking. We now feel fairly good. Apart from the weird rash that appeared on Ben's hands...yeah weird He's getting better though too..
12. We play a game of finding comic book heroes to name our children after. This makes me happy about all the little yet to be micro-babies that will someday be full grown babies. (In a very long time)
13. We will have our car paid off next month which is awesome.
14. Ben bought me a pretty dress. and I love it.
15. Thor movie was cool. So was the whole bag of reeses that I consumed.

16. We've almost been married a whole year. Which makes my heart swell 130 times larger that I get to be known as Ben's Wife. fo life.

17. Water. I have an ample supply of it. Other people don't. (here)

18. I serve a God who's got a crazy awesome imagination.
 And it makes me excited to go dancing in that every night when the Lord calls me home. (googled: Hubble images)

19. Lord willing I'll get a few years more. and if i'm lucky, I'll grow some gray hairs. If this proves to be the case, then these two weeks are less then a percent of my whole life.

20. I got Jesus.

Happy Weekend!

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