By Golly, you're swell.


Dear Hott thang,
This week was long, but you made it better with trips to Chinese food, chocolate and giggling and dancing down hallways. Staying up to watch ridiculous you-tube videos, eating too much candy and talking about wee-babies. this weekend was  pretty awesome. Thanks for letting this messy house be ''part of moving'' oh and for saying " You look awesome" this morning when i walked into the bathroom. You make a girl feel swell.

P.S. Taking me to Canes makes you the best friend I could ever ask for. You look pretty happy about it too.

P.SS. Congrats to all the CLA graduates. Your ceremony was very long...but we were proud.

P.S.S.S Who said scarves were only for fall? Okay, no one did. But, I'm Pretty sure these are my new favorite things. 
Over and Out! 

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