then he took me to a fancy dinner with the best soup i've ever eaten ever....


So, Ben is awesome. and his job is pretty neat too. We got to Texas and stay at a fancy place and eat great food and go on water slides in beautiful San Antonio. 

Best Part of the Trip:  Water Slides and sunshine

Most cherished moment: Sitting on the golf course at night time talking together about our whole lives and all our dreams.

Most Delicious Moment of the Trip: This amazing soup at our fancy dinner..... that I have since been craving ever since.....mmmm So delicious..

Funniest Moment of the trip:
{}Getting Ready for the formal dinner}
Ben: You've Got to be serious...."
me: What? What happened?
Ben: Look.....
And as I look, I realized what Ben was talking about. He brought Two Right Dress shoes. And that is it. He had no backups, and the only other shoes he brought were sandals...and so, we walked to the formal dinner with a a fancy dress, a tux and two right shoes.  The whole evening no one noticed..... and Ben looked hott.
 The end.

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