So... I'm in softball...


And I am most definately not the best player. But every Monday Night, when I get with those girls I get excited. Ben is our only fan and the fact that I bring such a good looking man to cheer us on every night definately gets me some points from the team. But I wanted to prove myself to them tonight, prove that I'm worthy of the Hope Community Softball Shirt! I made it to second and I said:

"Jesus, I need you to get me to home plate."

And thats what He did. I got so excited that Jesus answered my prayers that I SLID in to home(whether I actually needed to or not has yet to be determined) and got the last point of the game...When I got up and walked over to Ben, he looked at me and told me "that was hott."

Then, 20 minutes later, we're in the walgreens parking lot and he's pouring antibacterial spray and putting bandaids the size of my head on my very scrapped up arse and knee and wrist.

So, Lesson learned, Sliding in yoga pants=stupid, but getting to see a man who doesn't like blood, take care of me like I'm a wounded soldier returning from battle=SO WORTH IT.

Ben, you putting aside your squeamish tendencies to rescue your wive? Now, that was hott.

P.S. Buying me french fries and a coke for my effort and telling me I'm a hard worker made me like you just a wee bit more. by wee bit i mean, you rock my socks off.

P.S.S. Jesus, you really are great at making skies pretty and making girls feel neat.

Over and Out.

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