The Most Wonderful Girls in The World: My thoughts on these pretty ladies


One of my favorite things in the galaxy is soaking up beautiful 'girl time' I love love love getting to spend time with the awesome ladies I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past few years. I wanted to do my own little tribute and share with you all just what I find so wonderful about each of these girls I have the opportunity to call my friends. So without further adieu, I'd like to do a little shout out to my favorite Navigator Girls.

First off is the Beautiful Sarah Sweetman

This lovely lady has blessed me beyond words these past 4 years of knowing her. She was such an encouragement during college, and lifted my spirits regularly. She was an especially meaningful individual in my life when Ben and I started dating. She gave me insight that really shaped the way I viewed and currently view Ben, my role as a wife, and more. Things I love best about her? When you talk to her, you know she's listening, her laughter is beautifully contagious. She's got mad style, both fashion and home decor and (my personal favorite) she is one of the first women I have ever met to fully embrace whatever place God has her. Whether she was single, married, and now with a baby she is one lady that rejoices in her circumstances and that alone makes me love being near her. Shout out to you Sarah Sweetman, you amaze me. Thank you for all the love and genuine conversations you've had with me. They've changed and shaped the woman I am.

The Genuine Emily Lear

She's been the most loyal (i'm pretty sure I say this every time i talk about her) most genuine, friend I know. She's one of my closest woman friends. Oh how I LOVE this girl! I swear we're with each other a mere six seconds and I'm pouring out my heart and soul to this woman. Over coffee we battle with our insecurities, how to witness about Jesus, and what God is doing in our life, all mixed with ridiculous humor (thanks to Emily's insatiable wit!) This girl is such a beauty! What I love best about her? Her creativity and her passion. Whatever she puts effort in, she's in it 100% she doesn't just do things, she does things with her entire being. She inspires me every time I meet with her to actually pursue my passions and dreams and to recognize my talents. She's an artist, a missionary, and a lover of all. She's one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and I bet ever will meet in my entire life. I will always cherish you Emily Lear, you've given me such a powerful example of what God is and what friends are.  P.S. I'm serious, no photo shoot is anything unless your in it.

The sincere Miss Jessica
Look at how beautiful this girl is!? I don't think she knows this, but when I very first started going to college, I thought every Nav boy  had a crush on her. ( I still kinda do...) because she's SO BEAUTIFUL! I think she is such an awesome girl and am so stunned by how sweet  she is.  When I first met her she talked so sincerely and interested that I knew that she was a treasure. Knowing her and seeing her in the lives of the other navigator girls proves to me all the more that this girl really is something precious. I have admired her spirit and generosity every since I've met her. Things i love best about her? The way she strikes up conversation and intentionally draws people out. Her selflessness and eagerness to invite people into her home, her group and into her life is something that has both shocked me and made me love being around her all the more. She's sincere and genuine and so lovey. I love your sweet heart, Jessica! You are such a unique find for a friend.  I am so blessed every time we're together!

The joy-filled Miss Annie

This Girl! I wish i could just show you all the pictures of her pure awesomeness. She's Beautiful.  I love the sweet, goofy, real personality of Miss Annie. I'm pretty sure its impossible not to smile/burst out laughing when being with her. I love her. She listens and cares for people in such a way that she makes you feel like you're the coolest gal in the world. Being in her presence makes you feel like you have something awesome to offer.. I love being with her in that she, in her confidence, makes me feel confident. What do I love best about her? Her laugh-ability. I love the way she looks at life and brings light into it. In awkwardness she brings humor, in tough situations she brings optimism, in awesome situations she laughs....It just is smart to be around her-your guaranteed to enjoy this life. Here's to you Miss Annie. You Rock. And I love being near you.

 The no-middle-name Miss Mary-Kelly
 I remember that was one of the first things I was told about  Mary-Kelly. That her name is Mary-Kelly, yes that's her first name and no she has no middle. That same uniqueness is intertwined in all that Mary-Kelly is and does.  I swear every time I talk to her I am amazed at the smarts and the confidence this girl has. Me and Mary-Kelly pretty much every time we get near each other find ourselves talking about our Irish heritage. Ha. I love it. This girl is sassy in all the right ways, confident in who she is and has this presence...that just makes you feel calm. She's Lovely. What do I love best about her? Apart from those dang-good looking legs, I love the way she values the things she is and the people she's with. She's one of those girls who knows who she is, where's she's from, and whats she's about and is able to express it not in a land-blasting way, but in this awesome, gentle confidence that makes anyone knowing her feel lucky to know her and yet feel like they have a little bit stronger identity just being with her.. i admire that about you Mary-Kelly. Its a skill, and you got it. 

The thought provoking Caroline
 I talked to Caroline first, before I ever met her sister and I automatically thought she was awesome. Like I remember having a conversation with someone after Navs telling them " Caroline is awesome." I was not even close to understanding her awesomeness. I love that ever since I've known Caroline, we can break into these discussions, sometimes ridiculous, sometimes normal and hash out the logic or the probability. Its a rare thing to meet someone with so much beauty, and brains and yet while being in their presence not feel intimidated but encouraged and have so much fun all the while! She finds a way to make people feel validated for who they are, all while not quieting her personality or beauty and I. love. that. Caroline, with her strong sense of self uses it to build others up. What do I love best about her? Her willingness to be available to talk and her genuine attention. I loved that if I was in one of those weird "who do I talk to/everyone looks busy" moments, I could look over and know without a doubt even if she was talking to a gazillion people (which happens, people flock) that she would include me in the conversation. That's a skill. Caroline, you're a beautiful woman, and I'm proud to know you. And you are capable of the most crazy conversations, which makes me stands in awe of your dynamic awesomeness. P.S. Holy Cow, you look good in pictures.

The ever Persevering, ever-true Nardine
 It is a rarity, dear friends to at first meet someone very quiet, but later to find that they are the most honest, most persevering individuals. After I met Nardine the few times, she began calling to hang out. I was so struck by her initiative and was so impressed by her. I'm pretty sure I decided the first time she surprised called me to grab dinner together that she was definitely a keeper. Forever. She is one of those girls who once she builds a friendship, she keeps it. She has demonstrated to me time and time and time again just how awesome of a friend she is to me. She's stuck by my side during pretty rough times in my college days, even when others weren't willing. Listened and asked me tough questions, laughed with me over silliness, and called me out when things i'm doing aren't 'logical.' She's...pretty much the exact friend every girl has ever needed. And I get to call her mine.  i am SO impressed by her example of what a friend is and if I had to describe it, I'm pretty sure I'd look to her to be the poster child of what a friend should be. What do I love best? Her willingness to laugh and be there, her questions (she asks even better ones than me-ones that make me think!) her initiative-even in her CRAZY schedule she finds time to spend with me, , the way she'll explain all sorts of science (and things i have no clue about, because the girl has a brain the size of Texas) and keeps explaining them till I understand, just so I can be apart of her joy, the way she maintains and pours into the lives of others AND that beautiful smile and hair of hers. I love you Nardine. You're Beautiful in the most profound way.

P.S. I stared at your pictures and said out-loud at work "She is so pretty.." For Real.

You girls have been some of the biggest forms of inspiration, example and some of the most incredible ways God has shown me his love and awesomeness. Thank you, Thank you Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives and a part of your special day. You truly are women I am proud to call my friends.

P.S. Congrats on Graduation!!!!


  1. I like them too!

  2. Yeah, who doesn't. I'm pretty sure I have a crush on all of them.