Finding joy


God is good. I've found that during the harder weeks this is something I have to repeat to myself more repeatedly. It's been a rough week. Since Friday last week it has really been quite the struggle for Ben and I.  It seems that from all sides we've been having to defend our decisions, are belief in Christianity, and our future plans. The beauty of it all is that while it is a struggle to come up with the responses in the moment, It convinces us more and more of our position on Christ, on our future and the certaintly of God being involved each moment.

Something We've found to be a cool way of being thankful amidst difficulties is to list the specific things we can give Thanks for ! So, for Good ol Thankful Thursday, I give you 10 things that really do make my and Mr Ben's life awesome.

1. Unity. God is giving us situations to really support each other and pray over one another. It gives this awesome sense of unity in knowing that through life struggles, I have a companion to walk through it

2.Chocolate and Strawberries. Chocolate+Strawberries= delicious +memories of summer = excitement for summer = good happy feelings

3. Baths. Its an awesome time to be honest with Jesus

4. A working body. While we've been feeling a bit ill, its awesome to have working legs, arms, eyes, noses, brains. Just the fact that our bodies are functioning is such a blessing.

isn't this awesome?

5. Hearing about the awesome adventures my girlfriends like Ms. Emily, Amy and several others are on or going on. It brings joy to my heart!

6. Ben and his excitement. He makes life awesome

7. Being real. I love the awesomeness that forms in our bible study and with my beautiful girlfriends.

8. Bruce the Bat Fish, because he's like our child, just far easier to maintain. Look at the home we will someday have for him.

9. The awesome thing of getting to go home momma bear home.

10. this picture:
and the fact I get to see a baby this weekend.

11. Finding adorable blogs in swedish of pretty redheaded girls named elsa billgren

over and out.

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